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Credit insurance « SALAMA »

Are you looking for protection to insure your family and your property against a hard blow that would prevent you from repaying your loan?

The credit insurance is compulsory at each step of granting a loan, credit institutions ask necessarily for an insurance that guarantees the repayment of the remaining capital balance in case of death or disability of the insured before endowment date.

In short

Loan insurance of the MAE release you from this concern by ensuring the repayment of your loan in case of work stoppage or settle your loan in case of death to the recipient organization.

In Detail

The MFA offers you the appropriate guarantees to your needs and those of your credit organisation as a borrower.
The basic guarantee : Death or Absolute and Final Disability of the insured: MAE commits to pay the remaining capital balance outstanding capital to the recipient organization.
Optional Guarantees : Temporary Work Disability: MAE supports instalments in case of incapacity duly established.
The benefits : 
Simplicity: free choice of the capital amount or length of period as needed.
Flexibility: The MAE offers optional benefits such as disability (ITT).