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Foresight insurance « SALAMA+ »

You want to protect the future and financial security of your family?

With our product SALAMA +: Whatever happens, your family is protected from risk.

In short

The Foresight insurance contract provides for payment of a lump sum or benefits to beneficiaries due to premature death or in case of total and permanent disability. In case of accidental death, the guaranteed capital will be doubled

For an optimal protection you can choose:

  • An Educational annuity that guarantees the payment of benefits to your minor children.
  • Disability coverage enables you to keep your living standard in case of partial or total disability caused by an accident.


In Detail

The insurance contract "SALAMA +" is distinguished by His :

  • Simplicity : You can choose the amount of the annuity or the capital according to your needs and professional situation.
  • Great flexibility : You can choose the optional guarantees according to your situation. 
  • Attractive taxation : 
    The capital is exempt from the income tax and paid apart from the succession laws.
    Paid contributions are exempt from the insurance tax.

    Life annuity is exempt from income tax.  .