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Looking for car insurance at a good price? The Automobile insurance offered by the MAE allows you to insure your car with numerous guarantees. Discover a complete Auto Insurance, flexible and tailored to your needs.

With over 50 years experience in the automobile insurance, the MAE is undoubtedly expert in the field.

If more than 200,000 policyholders trust us, it's not a coincidence. We’ve been servicing our policyholders since 1962 offering them a variety of guarantees and options to choose: Glass breakage Damage collision, All Risks...                   

Choose freely the guarantees and services that suit you from our various packages tailored to fit within your budget.

In short

Our options for car insurance

You can choose the most suitable option  according to the guarantees you really need.


In detail

Our vehicule insurance contract includes the following warranties:

  • Public liability(PL)
    MAE is responsible for third party compensation for any property damage and / or injury regarding the accident for which you are fully or partially responsible.
  • Defense and appeals
    In case of an event, MAE starts the appeal procedures with other insurance companies to claim compensation for any damage caused to your vehicle. MAE also assures your assistance before the courts for prosecution following an event.
  • Fire
    MAE covers property damage to your vehicule due to fire, explosion or lightning fall.
  • Theft
    The MFA is responsible for compensation for damage resulting from the loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by theft or attempted theft, as well as expenses incurred for the recovery of the insured vehicle.
  • Driver’s insurance 
    This warranty covers the driver in case of accident. MAE commits to pay a capital in case of death, permanent total or partial or temporary disability and possibly to repay the care or hospitalization expenses incurred.
  • Third party
    Even if you are fully responsible for an event, the MAE indemnifies you to the extent of the damages to your vehicle.
  • Auto radio theft
    The MAE covers damage or loss of car radios, cassette players, CD players installed in the rear window.
  • Broken windshield
    The MAE insures accidental glass breakage for the following elements: windscreen, side windows and rear window.
  • Damage Collision
    The MAE covers the damage caused to the insured vehicle following a collision outside the repair garages or constructions occupied by the insured provided that the owner of the third vehicle is identified and is not insured.
  • Gold Assistance
    Roadside Assistance without limitation or franchise  even in Egypt, Algeria or Libya, comfort, towing and medical transport, replacement vehicle, a professional driver’s service and many other benefits such as the accommodation in a nearby hotel or the booking of a means of transport ....